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Making Rebates Simple

Energy Plus specializes in finding and capturing local, utility, state, and federal rebates and incentives for Multi Family/ commercial property, businesses & homeowners across the US.

  • 10+ years

    maximizing rebates for customers

  • 515,000+

    515,000+ locations analyzed

  • 13,000+

    applications filed

  • $18.5 m+

    incentives captured for customers

For over 10+ years, Energy Plus has helped business owners, facility managers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers understand and take advantage of rebates and incentives for installing energy efficient equipment such as LED lighting, VFDs, HVAC systems, EV chargers and more.

What We Do

We work hard to capture all the rebates and incentives for which our customers are eligible. We take care of the entire rebate process from analyzing and optimizing the rebate potential to making sure we capture the final checks.


Users who are looking to install energy efficient measures don’t always understand where to start and don’t have the time to research and file for rebates. We take care of the whole process for them; working hard to maximize all possible incentives while removing the hassle.


Contractors have enough on their plates without having to worry about filling out and following up on rebate applications for their customers. We handle all of that for them, so they can focus on what they’re best at.


We work with electrical distributors to help them find, estimate, and file rebates for their customers. By outsourcing rebate processing, distributors save a lot of time and resources.


Our experts and tools give manufacturers the data they need to utilize rebates and incentives to drive sales for their products.

  • Rebate Processing & Assistance

    Energy Plus can identify, maximize, and capture rebates for your energy efficiency projects across United States.

  • Find the Incentives

    Using our proprietary database, we can help you find all the different rebate and incentive programs for your project.

  • Get the Most Money

    Our team of experts will optimize your rebates to ensure you get the most money back for your energy efficient equipment installation.

  • Remove the Hassle

    Think getting rebates and incentives will be a pain? We can work with you and all your vendors to take all the hassle out of the rebate and incentive process so all you have to do is wait for your check.

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You have the power to elevate your project with smart energy systems, energy-efficient upgrades, and new construction/insulation solutions. Energy Plus equips you with the tools to maximize energy savings and reduce costs.

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