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Embarking on a new construction project, revamping your space with a comprehensive renovation, or dealing with exposed pipe and duct systems?

No matter the challenge, prioritizing insulation is paramount. At Energy Plus, we specialize in delivering exceptional pipe and duct insulation services that not only save you money but also protect your vital infrastructure, meeting and exceeding NYC energy code requirements.

Our Commitment

Uncompromising Quality and Expertise

We are dedicated to utilizing top-tier insulation materials and harnessing the skills of our highly trained team of insulators to achieve outstanding results in all aspects of plumbing and mechanical insulation. With Energy Plus, you can trust that your project is in the best hands.

Reap the Rewards

Maximize Efficiency and Cash In on Rebates

Beyond the practical advantages of insulating steam and hot water systems, our solutions provide the added bonus of substantial cost savings. By partnering with Energy Plus, you can unlock lucrative rebates offered by utility companies, further maximizing your return on investment.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Harness Our Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Our team of experts at Energy Plus stays current with the latest advancements in energy reduction and cost-saving strategies. With pipe insulation being a ritical component, we work diligently to deliver flawless results and ensure you capitalize on the most valuable incentives available to you.

Fiberglass Insulation

Discover the Fiberglass Advantage: Unmatched Protection for Your Pipes & Ducts

Transform your space with fiberglass insulation, the superior choice for safeguarding pipes and ducts in homes and buildings. Experience unparalleled fire and moisture resistance, defending against mildew, corrosion, and fire hazards. Choose fiberglass insulation for versatile, dependable protection across all pipe and duct applications. Trust fiberglass insulation for comprehensive protection across all pipe and duct lines:

  • Domestic Hot and Cold-Water Piping
  • Storm and Sanitary Piping
  • Duct Wrap
  • Steam Piping
  • Heating Piping
  • Condenser Water Piping
  • Chilled Water Piping
  • Outdoor Piping and Duct
  • Condensate Drain

High-Temperature Pipe Insulation

Experience Unrivaled Heat Protection: Elevate Your Insulation with Energy Plus

Keep the heat in check with our high-performance insulation solutions, expertly crafted for high-temperature pipes in engine exhaust and generator flue systems. At Energy Plus, we harness the power of Mineral Wool and Calcium Silicate, providing exceptional strength, durability, and a temperature rating of 1200°F/650°C. Need even more heat resistance? Explore our premium Eslin option, rated for a scorching 1400°F/760°C. Trust Energy Plus to deliver unparalleled heat protection tailored to your needs.


Fyrewrap Introducing Fyrewrap: The Ultimate Fire-Defender for Your Duct Systems

Secure your duct systems with Fyrewrap, the sleek and flexible insulation wrap engineered to deliver unmatched fire protection. Designed to encase your ducts, Fyrewrap prevents fires from escaping while boasting an impressive 2-hour fire rating and performance at temperatures up to 2192°F/1200°C. Choose Fyrewrap and fortify your space against fire hazards with confidence.

ArmaFlex Insulation

Discover the ArmaFlex Edge: Agility and Efficiency Unite in Revolutionary Insulation for Pipes and Ducts

Step into the future of insulation with ArmaFlex, where cutting-edge flexibility and efficiency join forces. Experience the remarkable benefits of ArmaFlex
nsulation, the ultimate solution in flexibility and efficiency. This closed-cell Vitrile rubber marvel excels in water vapor diffusion resistance and low
hermal conductivity, masterfully combating condensation, conserving energy. and shielding against frost on pipes, air ducts, and vessels. Energy Plus relies
on ArmaFlex for refrigeration piping and high-condensation scenarios,ensuring your space remains protected and optimized for peak performance.

Endothermic Mat

Unleash the Power of the Endothermic Mat: Exceptional Fire Barrier for Steel and Circuitry

Protect your structural steel and electrical circuitry with the remarkable Endothermic Mat, a cutting-edge fire barrier that stands the test of time. Expertly crafted from a fusion of organic and inorganic materials, including an aluminum backing, this advanced endothermic innovation harnesses chemically bound water to thwart heat penetration through a heat-absorbing chemical reaction. Experience unparalleled safety with up to 4 hours of protection for structural steel and 3 hours for electrical circuits. Trust the Endothermic Mat for steadfast security and peace of mind.

Soundproof Insulation

Upgrade your living experience with our soundproof insulation!

Our soundproof insulation is the ultimate solution to reduce noise transmission through your ceilings and walls, providing you with a peaceful and quiet living environment. Say goodbye to frustrating noise and hello to upgraded living with Energy Plus. Our top-quality insulation will not only enhance your comfort but also save you energy and money in the long run. Choose Energy Plus for the ultimate upgrade in your living experience.

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