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Energy Plus NY is unique in that we service both aspects of local energy law compliance; we manage the consultations and filings, as well as perform the actual work in the building.

Local Law Compliance

Local Law 84/133

Measure up to savings - Local Law 84/133 compliance made simple with Energy Plus!

At Energy Plus, we believe that energy efficiency starts with measurement. That’s why we offer hassle-free solutions to help you comply with Local Law 84 regulations. Our team of experts uses advanced tools and technologies to conduct comprehensive energy benchmarking and audits for your building. By tracking your energy performance and identifying potential areas of improvement, we help you optimize your building’s energy usage and save big on energy bills. Join hands with Energy Plus and start your energy-saving journey today!

Local Law 87

Unlock energy savings - Local Law 87 compliance simplified with Energy Plus!

Looking for ways to cut down energy costs and stay compliant with Local Law 87 regulations? Look no further than Energy Plus! Our comprehensive energy audit and retro-commissioning services help you optimize your building’s energy performance and meet compliance standards with ease. By identifying inefficiencies and implementing smart solutions, we help you save big on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Join hands with Energy Plus and unlock the potential of sustainable energy today!

Local Law 33/95

Elevate your savings - Local Law 95/33 compliance simplified with Energy Plus

Staying on top of Local Law 95/133 regulations can be a headache – but with Energy Plus, it’s a breeze. Our team of experts specializes in helping you comply with ease, from conducting the annual energy benchmarking required by Local Law 84 and 133 to evaluating your grade and posting it as required by Local Law 95/133.

Local Law 97

Stay cool, save cash - Local Law 97 compliance made easy with Energy Plus!

With our expert guidance and cutting-edge technology, we help you stay compliant with Local Law 97 regulations effortlessly. By reducing your carbon footprint and optimizing your building’s energy performance, you not only meet the compliance standards but also save big on energy bills. Join hands with Energy Plus and experience the power of sustainable energy – the smart and responsible way to build a better tomorrow!

Not sure what your building’s grade means or how to improve it?

Energy Plus is here to help! Our experts will simplify the world of energy and water efficiency and arm you with a clear path towards improving your energy grade.

How can Energy Plus help?

  • For a minimal fee, our team will perform a site study to evaluate your building’s current state and determine the necessary measures that must be taken to achieve Local Law 87 and 97 compliance.
  • We will create a detailed report of the complete scope of work and approximate project costs.
  • To reduce client costs, we will secure all possible incentives and rebates available through National Grid and Con Edison programs.
  • We will explore available financing options for further assistance with project costs.
  • Once a proposal is finalized, our office team will place your building into a schedule that will work with you and your tenants, and our crews will then perform all the services within the determined scope of work.

Energy Plus NY prides itself in delivering a full-service package, from evaluation to execution.

Upgrade your steam system, unlock the power of efficiency, and save with our expert services and incentives.

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