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Energy Plus is the leading EV charging management platform, bringing convenient and reliable EV charging to businesses everywhere. Along with providing an innovative software, Energy Plus will help you choose the right charging stations and installation services, backed by parts and service warranties to ensure worry-free deployment from installation to operations.

As one of the nation’s leaders in EV Chargers, Energy Plus will do all the work so you can take advantage of the incentives and rebates to help offset the cost of EV charging equipment and installation.

Energy Plus is your one-stop shop for EV Chargers Installation and Rebates – Let us do all the work.

Powerful Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Introducing Our EV Charging App

Revolutionize the way you charge your electric vehicles with our
state-of-the-art EV Charging App

Seamlessly designed for effortless use, our app ensures a
convenient and efficient charging experience, putting power and
control in the hands of your end-user. Simplify your charging
routine and embrace a sustainable future for your community.

Why EV Charging Stations?

Why EV Charging Stations? EV charging benefits the planet and your bottom line, with cost-effective technology that sets you apart from the competition, provides additional revenue, and shows your business supports green initiatives.

When you're ready to go green and grow your business, Energy Plus is here to help. Make your EV even smarter with rebates for chargers. Find out if you're eligible now!

Become a Destination

Adding EV chargers can help your business become a preferred destination for customers who drive electric vehicles.

Attract New Customers

Reach a new customer base by putting your business on the map with local EV charging stations.

Create Additional Revenue

Installing EV chargers on you property can generate additional revenue for your business, even during non-business hours.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Your competitors may not have EV charging stations now, but they will soon! Benefit by acting today and reaching new customers directly.

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Why Energy Plus

EV Infrastructure

Energy Plus provides a fully turnkey EV charging service which means we provide whatever level of support you would need so you can focus on your core business operations. We’ll handle everything from permitting to facility infrastructure upgrades and installation to make electrification easy for all of our clients.

Comprehensive EV Charging solutions built for you

Energy Plus offers EV charging solutions for your business so that you can focus on your core responsibilities while making a significant impact on reducing emissions in the environment.

Project Development

Our in-house project development team drives your project forward with expertise in engineering, permitting, construction, and commissioning

Financing and Incentives

We help remove financing barriers to accessing EV charging solutions with infrastructure financing and facilitating the acquisition of public funding to offset costs.

Project Planning

We build an optimized electric vehicle implementation and transition plan to maximize your cost efficiencies and meet your sustainability targets.

Plug in, cash out!
Find out if you qualify for EV charger rebates today.

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