The NYC Energy Conservation Code requires pipes and ducts to be insulated.

New Construction

In new construction, Insulation is required regardless of the property size. NYC law mandates insulation for all pipes and ducts associated with plumbing and mechanical systems.

Existing Buildings

As per the NYC energy code, existing steam and hot water piping must be insulated. An astute businessman, however, would insulate beyond the Local Law 87 requirement, recognizing the enormous savings it creates.

Incentive offers

Energy Plus is a recognized contractor by most utility companies who offer incentives for upgrades.
We do it all the way and guide you in procuring all the rebates and offers available.When considering to upgrade, contact us to find out how you could benefit.

Insulation is not one-size-fits-all.

There are multiple kinds of systems and types of insulation vary. It is therefore necessary for the right people to assess the property in advance.

At Energy Plus, we do a takeoff, either by drawings of the project, or by surveying your site beforehand to determine which direction to take for each system.

We subsequently develop a tailor-made plan for your project and provide a detailed proposal including all the specs of the job.

New Construction?
Plumbing and Mechanical insulation?
Think Energy Plus.

Insulation is required by law for all new construction as well as for existing buildings of at least 50,000 sq. ft.

However, a savvy owner of an existing building doesn’t need 50,000 square feet to take advantage of the amazing savings pipe insulation offers.

Anyone with a keen sense for saving money easily and practically, no matter how large or small the property, recognizes just how propitious insulation could be.

With positive ROI still within the first year in many cases, pipe and duct insulation is currently the most popular investment and upgrade in the heating line.